Advantages Of International Leadership MBA From South Africa

Advantages Of International Leadership MBA From South Africa

Regenesys offers an International Leadership MBA programme that entails learning the first year from India and the second year from its sprawling campus in South Africa. Pursuing this programme from Regenesys has many advantages that will have gratifying results. So, what are these advantages that makes studying for an International Leadership MBA from South Africa attractive?


The ascension of South African economy

South Africa is the second largest economy in the African continent and the fastest growing one. (Regenesys also has a campus in the largest economy in Africa – Nigeria.) With an economy growing at a fast rate, South Africa attracts foreign investments worth billions of dollars. Besides its economy, South Africa’s strategic location is also a plus point for investors. European countries, Australia, Japan and China are some of the biggest investors in South Africa and the investments are made in the sectors of finance and banking, mining, retail, transportation and manufacturing. The mammoth investment results in unprecedented job opportunities for skilled workforce. And International Leadership MBA graduates from Regenesys are skilled to take on managerial roles.


Better option than Western studies

South Africa is a better education destination than UK, US and Canada for students looking for cost effective education without compromising the quality. One of the biggest reasons for this is its stable currency, Rand. The South African Rand makes it possible for students to attain international education at a fraction of cost compared to Western countries.


A widespread Indian diaspora

Indians comprise of 3% of the South African population. South African Indians usually reside in the urban areas including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. The largest Indian city outside of India is in Durban. During the apartheid era, Indian activists stood side by side with other communities and fought for justice and freedom. And today, the Indian community in South Africa is well-respected, practice their culture and traditions, and contribute to the growth and development of the country.


Top ranked private B-school

Regenesys Business School is a two-decade old institute which has been consistently ranked amongst the top 10 B-schools of South Africa. Regenesys Business School is also the top ranked private B-school in South Africa. During the course of the last 21 years, Regenesys has trained and placed over 200,000 students. Regenesys also has a strong alumni network and association with over 200 corporates. The curriculum at Regenesys is framed with both local and global perspectives, thus transforming lives with a unique educational model.


A future-proof degree

International Leadership MBA has gained prominence in the globalized world. Businesses with global presence need managers shrewd in the operation of different countries to lead its growth strategy. The exciting job profiles after completing an International MBA include international economist, global marketing manager, risk assessment officer, supply chain manager etc. Needless to say, the recompense is also high.

Over the years South Africa has become the education and career destination of the world. A booming economy, surplus investments and strategic location makes it an attractive prospect for students planning to pursue an international MBA.

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