Regenesys Executive Education offers a wide range of open-enrolment and customised executive education programmes for senior, middle and junior managers in business, government, the nonprofit sector, and state-owned enterprises.

Our team of learning and development professionals engages with organisations to develop bespoke, targeted solutions to maximise productivity, drive innovation, and develop a competitive advantage. The programmes are offered either at client premises or as an energising retreat at Regenesys in Sandton.

We also offer programmes that focus on developing generic management and leadership capabilities, including project management, financial management for nonfinancial managers, design thinking, strategy, marketing, management, innovation, emotional and spiritual intelligence in leadership, and more.

Regenesys Executive Education draws on a 100-strong internationally reputable faculty with excellent academic credentials and industry expertise covering a wide range of specialised management and leadership disciplines.

Regenesys Business School is an international business school that has educated 200,000 students from 190 countries, and more than 1,000 corporate clients including large multinationals such as Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Barclays.

Our Featured Programmes

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The CEO Programme

Strategic and innovative organisations require visionary leaders who can take strategic decisions in building the organisation’s pedigree…

Course Fee: From N XXX  incl. VAT                                                                                                Find out more

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The Family Business Programme

While most organisations started as family businesses, only a few have mastered the art of navigating the family dynamics involved…

Course Fee: From N XXX  incl. VAT                                                                                                Find out more

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The International Business Programme

In an increasingly globalised and competitive world, where survival of businesses lie in unpredictable foreign markets…

Course Fee: From N xxx incl. VAT                                                                                                Find out more

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The Expat Onboarding Workshop 

Workers face considerable challenges when relocating to a foreign country. The transition for such individuals can become…

Course Fee: From N 400 000 incl. VAT                                                                                                Find out more

Core Programmes

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Executive Leadership Development Programme (ELDP)

The Regenesys ELDP develops better leaders who realise that leading involves lifelong learning. Shape your organisation’s future by…

Course Fee: N 1,270 000  incl. VAT                                                                                                  Find out more

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Advanced Management Development Programme (AMDP)

The Regenesys AMDP empowers you and your teams to think broader and implement new ideas beyond conventional solutions…

Course Fee: N 1,680 000 incl. VAT                                                                                                 Find out more

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Management Development Programme (MDP)

The MDP addresses key issues and challenges that managers face; helping them develop the necessary skills for leading, thinking …

Course Fee: From N 510 000  incl. VAT                                                                                Find out more

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New Managers  Development Programme (NMDP)

The NMDP brings you up to speed with accelerated learning in all the essential cross-functional business leadership skills…

Course Fee: N 325 000  incl. VAT                                                                                                Find out more

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