Interesting And Lucrative Profiles After International Leadership MBA

Interesting And Lucrative Profiles After International Leadership MBA

With globalization getting more “global” the demand for International MBA has risen manifold in the last several years. An MBA in International Leadership helps the student understand the business dynamics of global markets or corporations. An International Leadership MBA also helps a student understand how businesses operating in different parts of the world function, how managers coordinate projects, and how geographical boundaries affect businesses and also the opportunities it presents. The syllabus in this programme encompasses several management topics taught in most B-schools, but from an international perspective.

Pursuing this specialization of MBA has huge ramification to one’s career because the roles of a manager armed with this master’s degree is prolific, not to mention lucrative. So what are the roles or profiles that an International Leadership MBA student vie for?

International Marketing – Businesses won’t survive without smart and strong marketing. After completing a master’s programme in International Leadership students can take up jobs in this lucrative field. International marketing managers are responsible for increasing the sales and revenue, and the brand value of the business in the global markets. The programme trains them in understanding the global trends which helps in developing a globally acceptable product. Students good in critical thinking, quick decision making and creativity must opt for this role.

Digital marketing manager – Digital marketing managers with a degree in International Leadership MBA are well versed with promoting a brand and selling products across the world. Promoting a brand or product which has presence in several countries across continents need special skills that one can acquire through this programme.

Finance manager – As the name suggests, a finance manager maintains the financial health of a business. Everything from transactions to payrolls to taxes falls under the purview of the finance manager. The manager needs to maintain the financial books of a business while ensuring that it meets the rules and regulations of all the countries of its operation.

Policy analyst – This is one of the most prolific roles for an International MBA degree holder. A policy analyst will be responsible for analyzing different policies such as environment, threat, government initiatives etc. and then update the government or business about the pros and cons of the policy and the best way to implement it. With several years of experience under the belt, a policy analyst may become a policy advisor and provide policy updates on international or economic issues to government panels and corporate houses.

International trade and customs manager

Global logistics is a complicated field. Besides tracking the routes of the goods, there are several trade / custom regulations and compliances that businesses must adhere.

Professionals with an International Leadership MBA who are well versed with supply chain management and global logistics can excel in this field. The responsibilities here include (but not limited to) a thorough understanding of the Foreign Trade Agreements, and analyzing and auditing the trade flows.

These are some of the interesting and lucrative profiles an International Leadership MBA holder can pursue. There are other profiles including that of an International economist, management analyst, and export-import management. The role should be chosen based on one’s strengths, weaknesses and interests.

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